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Factors Considered in Setting Up a wheat Flour Mill

Updated:2017-12-18 17:14:41   Author:   Views:
  Flour is a part of many recipes and is available at many supermarkets and grocery stores. There are many different types of flour, as flour refers to several types of ground-up grain. Wheat flour is a popular type of flour, and white and brown varieties of wheat flour are available. Flour mills also grind rice and corn into flour. Setting up a wheat flour mill requires consideration of pest control, worker safety and other factors.
  Fire safety is a necessary factor to consider when setting up a wheat flour mill. The mill owner should ensure that employees take courses about fire prevention. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a separate permit known as a hot work permit may be necessary when employees are performing tasks such as welding and cutting in the mill. Employees should wear clothing that both resists fire and does not produce sparks. Flour dust can explode in the presence of fire.

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