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Corn flakes processing technology

Updated:2017-05-19 15:55:49   Author:   Views:
Corn flakes processing technology

Corn flakes is a new type of fast food, which has a Long storage time and easy to carry. It can be eaten directly and processed into other foods. It can be served with cold milk and yogurt for breakfast.
Corn contains large germ, corn germ will affect the corn starch gelatinization and flakes morphology, this is inconvenient to the operation process, so we choice the corn grits as raw materials which is after corn peeling and degerming in the production line.
Corn grits--Pressure cooking--drying--conditioning--tabletting--baking--seasoning--baked corn flakes.
(1) Pressurized cooking. Put the corn grits into a rotary drum type high pressure cooking pot, and add sugar and salt and other seasonings, add water to make corn grits moisture content is 35% ~ 45%, then 174 kPa with steam cooking 1 to 2 hours to get grits completely gelatinized. It is ok when corn grits to be translucent, you can visual observation.
(2) Drying and tempering. After cooking, reduce steamer pressure, It will be cleared from the net exports of corn grits by centrifugal action, the bonded clusters of corn grits were scattered. Then the corn grits through the conveyor belt into the dryer, the moisture dropped to about 20%.
(3) Tabletting. The corn grits is cooled to 30℃-- 40℃, then transfer to the tabletting machine pressed into thin slices. Tablet machine is composed of a pair of stainless steel roller, roller speed is 180 to 200 rpm, the corn grits rolled into 0.7 ~ 1 mm thickness.
(4) Baking. The corn flakes are sent to the oven for baking and baked at 302℃/50s or 288℃/2~3 minutes to reduce moisture to be 3%. After cooling, you can get golden and crisp corn flakes.