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Sorghum flour processing plant

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Sorghum flour is made from sorghum, the main ingredient is starch, accounting for about 61- 63% of the weight.
Sorghum flour has a reputation as a natural nutritional food, which contains starch 65.9-77.4%, protein 8.4-14.5%, crude fat 2.4-10.4%, it is one of the favorite foods for people, also as staple food in some countries in Africa. Regular consumption of sorghum flour, beneficial to human health. If usually eat sorghum flour can play a role in supporting medical treatment, especially those suffering from high blood pressure, high blood lipids, diabetes and other people.
The content of starch, protein and iron in sorghum is slightly higher than maize, while the content of fat and vitamin A is lower than maize. Sorghum releases a high calorie, second only to maize.
Sorghum flour processing:
Sorghum seeds→silo→magnetic separation→Vibration sieve→stoner→peeling→polishing→milling→flour sieving→Packing→Final products