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Technology Introduction of Maize Flour Milling Process

Updated:2017-04-14 16:09:06   Author:   Views:

Maize flour milling process includes grinding, sifting, purifying, scouring. A reasonable maize flour milling process is the key for effective production.
Processes and systems in the maize flour milling process depends on class, yield of the finished products and quality of the raw materials.
Configuration of equipments in the maize flour milling process should be installed according to property, quantity of the raw materials, making the load in every system reasonable.
Combine materials of the similar quality, guaranteeing quality of the products and simplifying process and operation.
Make sure grinding times without returning the materials.
Reduce times to elevate the materials to save investment, decrease power consumption.
In the purifying, air suction and packaging processes, you should install some buffering bins. Configuration of the equipments should be taken account of raw materials, climate and change of the finished products. The whole maize flour milling process should be adaptable and flexible.