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Detailed notices for the corn processing equipments

Updated:2017-04-15 14:08:42   Author:   Views:
Detailed notices for the corn processing equipments

Corn processing machinery is a popular investment industry. New investors must pay attention to maintenance. Now, let’s introduce detailed notices for the equipments.

1. Strictly operate as the rules, making sure safe protection and maintenance. Be cautious against disease-carrying work.
2. Firmly keep quality at first and increase flour extraction yield.
3. The main equipments should be lively operated. When the machinery needs maintenance, you should correctly operate till they exert the highest efficiency.
4. Increase hulling rate in the front line and grinding rate in front mid line; enhance sifting rate. The materials should be completely grinded, clearly graded and purely sifted. When you find it is not completely hulled, you should prevent leakage by strengthening tail rolling. If husks are mixed with too much flour, you should increase efficiency of sifter and brusher in the rear line.
5. Keep high stability and flexibility.

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