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Cost of investing in corn flour processing equipment

Updated:2017-12-05 17:13:03   Author:   Views:
   If the production is small, very suitable for rural small workshop investment belongs to small corn processing equipment stand-alone, because this equipment investment small, small footprint, easy to operate, good maintenance, so is very suitable for small rural small workshops to use! Small corn processing equipment can be one-time completion of peeling, breaking embryo, grinding process, easy to operate, suitable for small grains processing workshop use.
  If the production of large scale corn processing equipment needs to choose a complete set of units, and large-scale corn processing equipment according to its different types of processing volume difference, generally suitable for a large number of corn picking after the collective processing work. Such large-scale corn processing equipment used in the process is the whole dry method to carry out corn peeling technology, this method is currently more advanced and commonly used methods, through advanced processing of corn food for the city people's health can be said to be very good.
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