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How to make full use of corn in corn/maize processing equipment industry

Updated:2017-10-20 16:34:22   Author:   Views:

    How to make full use of corn in corn/maize processing equipment industry

   The whole body of corn is a treasure. Especially in Asia and Africa, corn is widely used. From corn grains to corn cob, corn stalk, corn leaf and so on can use suitable corn/maize processing equipment to be processed into the edible feed industrial finished product, therefore the corn processing enterprise must extend the corn processing industry chain actively, quicken the cultivation core competitive power. In the forward extension, the processing industry for raw materials corn demand is constantly refined, to control the raw materials base. In the backward extension, to improve the precision deep-processing, fine processing capacity, increase the production of special starch and so on.

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   In addition, corn processing at present, corn cob, straw, and other by-products processing efficiency is not high, environmental equipment investment in large amounts of funds and other problems also restricts the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. Therefore, corn/maize processing equipment should extend the industrial chain, promote the corn/maize processing industry cluster development.

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