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Successful Cases

8 sets of stone wheat flour machine in China Yanan installation completed

Date :2017-09-07 16:08:45   Author:   Hits:
  This stone wheat flour mill is Henan Taixing Grain and Oil Equipment  Co.,Ltd in Yanan area installed a set of 8+1 number process stone flour mill, the main engine has 8 sets of stone and a steel mill, which can not only realize the low temperature grinding advantage of stone flour processing, but also make up the disadvantage of low output of the stone flour mill, and realize high yield and efficiency.  
   We can do the automatic wheat corn maize flour milling machines from 5t/24h ,10t,20t,50t,60t,100t,150t,200t,500t etc.  If you are interested in our products, you can direct message to us, or email to us, we will be the first time to give you the most detailed quotations。