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Small vegetable oil refinery machine

Summary:The main purpose of this technology is to remove non-oil element existing in crude oil, such as, FFA, metal ion, colloid and some pigment This process can be devided several stages, such as Neutralizaiton stage, washing stage, vacuum drying stage, decolorizing stage, deodorization stage, dewaxing stage


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Product Introduction
Refine processing flow:
Crude Oil→ Filter→ Degumming→ Deacidification→ Decoloring→ Deodorizing→ Dewaxing→ Defeat→ First Grade Oil

The refining technology and complete equipment we adopt suit different kinds of vegetable oil process.
According to the raw materials and capacity, we can use batch, continuous, physical and chemical refining design.
The product oil can reach first to fourth grade. Guarantee the highest quality at the lowest cost.

The crude oil after refined, and the water, impurity, acid value and peroxide value of the oil are all up to the national quality standard.
Refined oil are not easy to be rancid and degenerate, and the vegetable refining oil are favorable for storing and cooking without producing a large amount of soot.

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