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Oat flake processing line

Summary:Oats are made into flake, which makes it more convenient to eat and improves the taste mixing with fruits Oatmeal have become a popular health food


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Product Introduction
  Oats are made into flake, which makes it more convenient to eat and improves the taste mixing with fruits. Oatmeal have become a popular health food.
oatflake production line has been completely improved by Henan Taixing grain and oil machinery equipment Co., Ltd., exclusive processing technology has filled a big vacancy in the market.The technical characteristics of the improved oatmeal equipment include: simple simplification of the technological process, energy saving and high efficiency, good nutrition retention, and consumption of hot water or milk brewing.
  The new type of oatmeal production equipment uses oats, wheat, and rye as raw materials, and is completed in one step by processes such as cooking, dehydration, tablet compression, and drying. 
  The equipment greatly reduces the investment cost of customers and is the preferred equipment for raw grain processing factories and agricultural food cooperatives.
capacity :
500kg/h, 1000kg/h, 2000kg/h
 TotalPower(kw)  :
Based on 380V 50 Hz 3 phase.
Customized according to your local power.
Machine details  
1.Stainless steel
2. Electric parts can be ABB, Delta, Fuji, Omron, Siemens;
Famous brand as your demand.


Product Features

Naked oat-- classifying -- washing---roasting-- color sorting-- cutting--steam cooking--press--drying-- Classifying--packaging.
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