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FQFD Purifier Cleaning Machine

Summary:Product name:FQFD Purifier Cleaning MachineProduct Introduction:FQFD SeriesPurifier Cleaning Machine is one of the m


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Product Introduction

Product name:FQFD Purifier Cleaning Machine 
Product Introduction:
FQFD Series Purifier Cleaning Machine is one of the main equipment of wheat flour processing plant. It is to use the combination of sieve and airflow to select and purify the Maja, coarse Macin, fine wheat heart and coarse powder, so as to classify the materials according to different quality and particle size, and remove the bran crumbs. In order to improve the quality and yield of wheat flour.

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Product Features
Product Features
1, advanced model, complete specifications, the appearance of novel, elegant;
2. Advanced processing means. All steel plate aluminum plate with laser cutting down material, CNC bending machine bending molding;
3, the selection of strict materials, a large number of aluminum alloy sheet material, the overall sensitivity of the machine excellent, good integrity;
4, the wind absorption system design advanced, the air duct accumulated less dust, not blocked, good wind selection effect;
5, the use of rubber spring support, smooth operation, small vibration, small noise, energy saving and environmental protection;
6, the series of powder cleaning machine is the most advanced technology developed and developed by the computer to optimize the production of new products;
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