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400-500kg per hour maize milling machine

Summary:400-500 kg per hour maize milling machine It is proper for home use or personal farms


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Product Introduction

Description of the 400-500 kg per hour maize milling machine : 

Main Features

1. This 400-500kg per hour maize milling machine is composed  with peeling system, milling systerm, and mesh system.

2. Multi-function: cleaning, peeling, removing corn germ, radicle and black hilum, grinding  classifying, polishing, and intensive selecting via mesh system.

Parameter for the 400-500 kg per hour maize milling machine :  
Capacity  Power  Dimension  Weight 
400-500kg /hour 4+5.5kw      1.5*1.0*1.2m   400 kg      

Product Features
Multiple Function : 


1.  Remove the peel of the maize seed.get the maize kernel .

2. Get 2 kind diiferent kind of maize grits and 1 kind of maize flour .
3. If you don't need the maize kernel you can milling it again and get
    the maize grits and maize flour . 
4. This machine use dry method for maize milling .
5. Easy operation and convinient for home use or farm use . 
Excellent corn processing performance, output corn grits or flour 
    can access to markets directly.

7. Users can change the size of corn grits by adjusting the handle,
    the maize flour mill machines itself has finished grading function,
    divided into large grits, small grits, corn flour

The final product from this 400-500kg per hour maize milling machine : 

After sell service : 
Warranty: one  year. 
Supplier provide the spare parts for one year br free. 

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