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Stainless steel grain milling machine

Summary:Stainless steel grinder for grain


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Product Introduction
1, Suitable for market, store, pharmaceutical processing plant, hospital, clinics, etc. Various grains: sesame, walnut, rice, black rice, soy, mung bean, peanut, lotus seed, corn, broomcorn, barley, buckwheat, oat, etc.
2.It also can produce all kinds of dry medicinals ,including almond ,tuckahoe,red jujube,euryale seed,medlar,mastic,dodder seed,angelica and so on.
3.The machine can grind all kinds of food and medicines into 50~200 meshes.
4.Simple operation,non dust and fine powder.
5.No screen,and the thickness can be adjusted.
Product Features
The milling machine use the relative motion between the fixed plate and the active hammer, so that the material in the machine cavity is impacted and quickly crushed. Materials after grinding enter into the trap bag by centrifugal force, dust into the dust collector by bag filter.
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