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100-120 ton per day corn milling machine

Summary:100-120 ton per day corn milling machine


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Product Introduction
Prameter of the 100-120 ton per day corn milling machine:

Product Name: 100-120 ton per day corn milling machine
Raw Material: Maize Corn
Capacity:  100-120 ton per day
Voltage: 380V
Power: 370kw
Final product: corn grits, corn flour ,germ bran
Product Features
Complete Set of 100-120 ton per day corn milling machine is composed of cleaning part, peeling & degerming, grits making part and packing parts. 
1.Cleaning part:used for the cleaning of the sand, stone, and other impurities in the wheat, corn, beans etc. It has an evident effect for the cleaning of the sand which size is similar with the grains. 
2.Peeling ,degerming & polishing part: Designed scientifically and can remove the corn cortex and germ. It classifies the corn final products into large grits, small grits, and bran. Enhances the polishing process and takes away part of the heat. It produces corn with a shiny, uniform, dust-free and low temperature finish. 
3.Crushing part: Equipped with the high-speed rotary blade, the materials are gradually broken by the force of the impact, shear and sieve friction, collision. The crushed materials are discharged into the cylinder to remove the micro bran. 
4.Packing part:The packing part can be manual one also can be auto one, this can be designed according to requirement and machine capacity.

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