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Automatic instant noodle making machine line

Summary:Automatic instant noodle making machine Fried instant noodle non-fried instant noodle, round square shape


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Product Introduction
Automatic instant noodle making machine

Fried instant noodle/non-fried instant noodle, round/square shape

Description of Fried Instant Noodles Production Line:
The fried instant noodle production line adopts frequency conversion speed regulator, electro-optical tracking system and programmable logic controller to realize synchronized coordination of the whole production line. The number of cutting is visible and the weight of one piece of fried instant noodle can be adjusted without having to shut down the machine. The equipment has an automatic frying temperature controlling function. The oval paddle double axis double speed flour mixing machine allows for a more uniform mixing of the powder and water because more water can be introduced. The noodle feeder machine uses W-model double boilers to ensure the ripening uniformity of the pasta. Nine cold hardening alloy rollers are installed in the pasta roller machine. After the noodle is well steamed, it will be soaked in seasoning liquid to obtain flavor. The contact area of the production equipment with the noodle applies nontoxic stainless steel which fits the national food hygiene and safety standard.

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