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FMFJ series duplex pulverizer flour mill roller mill

Summary:As a major device in wheat flour processing factories FMFJ series duplex pulverizer Can be arranged with different wire drawings in accordance with the characteristics of grinding change The clutch of the roll and the feeding roller were controlled by the pneumatic system


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Product Introduction
The parameter of FMFJ flour mill:
Output(t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension(mm)
FMFJ2540 1 5.5×2 1100 1300×1360×1800
FMFJ2550 1.5 7.5×2 1500 1300×1460×1800
FMFJ2560 2.5 11×2 2100 1300×1560×1800
FMFJ2580 5 22×2 2650 1300×1760×1800

Product Features
Structure features:

(1) It has adopted new design and compact structure affording good performance and high efficiency.

(2) The machine is made of mangnese plate with cast iron base to work smoothly.

(3) Synchronous belt drive and eccentric wheel make an efficient structure to extend its severice life.

(4) Manual and pneumatic control makes an easy operation.

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