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200 ton per day wheat flour milling machine

Summary:Low consumption; High output; Design according to your requirment; Good after-sale services; Processional enignner team


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Product Introduction
Name: 200 ton per day wheat flour milling machine 

Type:flour milling machine 

Color: White


Cleaning system: magnetic separator
                             vibrating screen
                             low pressure fan
                             Washing machine

Milling system:     roller mill machine 
                             separator classifier

                             high square plansifter

                             purifier machine
                            pulse dust collector                           

Packing system:  automatic packing machine

Product Features

1, Fully automation processing line.

2, Made of durable stainless steel.

3, High quality & rich type of final products.

4, Advanced technology & reasonablly designed structure.

5, Systematic processing with less time & high efficiency.

6, Small investment, energy saving and environmentally friendly.

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